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Applications for hunts for military members injured during service to our country may send a copy of their DD214 and their VA rating letter to: All applications are reviewed, and if all are certified, the man or woman will be placed on a list for a Hero Hunt, Inc. event.

All line-of-duty injured police, fire, EMT, or other first responders should submit in an email to the agency they work or worked for at the time of the injury, the date of the injury, and any verifying information about the incident.

We have to verify and vet all applications to ensure the validity of the injury and person. Unfortunately, there are those among us that may try to utilize this program without being military, police, fire, EMT, first responder, or having any service-connected injury.

** Applications will be accepted Q1 yearly**

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Thanks for applying with Hero Hunt Inc.!

Please apply during Q1

"I will forever be grateful for this experience and for my new extended family!"

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