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"I was wanting to personally thank you both for establishing Hero Hunt Inc. This organization has changed not only my life but other Veterans and First Responder's lives as well. I recently went on a deer hunt that was held on 12/06/2019 -12/08/2019 at Buffalo Ridge, Waverly, TN. Even though I was not able to harvest a deer, it wasn't all about harvesting a deer. It was bringing the camaraderie and enjoying fellowship with other veterans and first responders that bonds us in another brotherhood and extended family that helps combat the daily battles we face. Having such an outlet in life, we all look forward to seeing each other on different events and being able to share a piece of us not only with the staff but to the others heroes you invite. I will say personally when I was going through a divorce; this organization saved me by getting me out and being able to have that break away from the daily grind and out of our heads. I also want to say a huge thanks and honored that I was chosen to receive Christmas for my boys during a trying time in my life and lifted a financial burden off my shoulders this year that I don't have to bear anymore. For that, I am grateful once again that I was chosen and that you are able to reach lives and make a difference in people's lives that not too many know about. Words can't ever repay what this means to us but we all thank you from the bottom our hearts." 

-Thomas "Redbeard" Ayers

"I found Hero Hunt, Inc. about three years ago.  After several mediocre experiences with other veteran’s organizations, I was skeptical, but I know the founder, Joe Towers, personally.  I know him to be an honest and genuinely kind and generous person, so I signed up, and they have provided me four opportunities to attend different hunts, from deer to duck to turkey.  I had never hunted anything other than squirrels before, but, through the generosity of Hero Hunt, I harvested my first deer at one of their events.  They showed me how to do everything from the ground up, and provided me with every resource I needed.  Through the generosity of their sponsors and the endless dedication of the Hero Hunt staff, everything was provided free of charge: the hunting grounds, the firearms, the blinds, the food, the sleeping quarters, expert advice, field dressing lessons, meat processing, and the list goes on.  However, the most valuable resource they provide is the camaraderie with fellow wounded veterans and first responders, something I missed dearly after separating from the U.S. Army Infantry into the private sector.  I can not even begin to thank the leadership of Hero Hunt for the past and continuing experiences they have given me.  Harvesting my first deer is a memory of a lifetime.  And I know there will be many more harvests to come.  I owe them a debt of gratitude that is indescribable.”

-Mike H.

"Never in my life have I had the opportunity to give back to the men and women who have given so much to everyone else! HERO HUNT has allowed me to not only spend time with some of the finest people I have ever met, it has also allowed me to use my talents and skills to help said people, have the best experience possible! The moment I found out about the Hero Hunt Inc. organization I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! Honestly just seeing how many people are willing to take off work and spend their own hard earned money for these heroes to have a good time...knowing there is no payment or reward. It is truly a beautiful thing. Mainly because all these fine people know that a price has already been paid and it can never be paid back. I will continue to do everything in my power to aid Hero Hunt and the heroes they serve."  

-Parker Willingham

I want to thank everyone from Hero Hunt. Every event I attend, the people are amazing! We have great laughs, foods, and the company is always great. The hunts are always amazing! Hero Hunt has helped me develop a new network of friendships and people I can rely on. I hope this organization continues to thrive, because I am definitely a lifetime member. 

-Juan Barrera

This last weekend was one that I will never forget! I had the pleasure and opportunity to join the Hero Hunts inc. family! This is a non profit that takes firemen, police, military vets (who were injured on the job) to Tennessee on a once in a lifetime hunting / fishing trip. This trip was all that I expected and a whole lot more! I literally have no words to explain the feeling that I had because of this organization. Usually when people ask how I am doing I just say I am doing great and put on a smile because most people cannot even imagine the physical pain and emotional pain that I am going through everyday, it’s literally impossible to connect with most people on that level so I hold it all in. Not only did I get to go do what I love to do (hunt) but I got to live with 6 other people just like me, who lost their jobs/ passion to an injury or sickness and it allowed me to open up a little bit to get some of the crap off of my chest. I am so happy that I went through with this. The men and women that run this program literally became my family overnight! I cannot say enough about these amazing people! I will forever be grateful for this experience and for my new extended family! I cannot wait to see “y’all” again!!! For anyone out there like me who has been injured on the job and needs an outlet and some friendship, this is the company that you want to contact. You can always hit me up and I will steer you in the right direction. Thank you, Hero Hunt!!!!

-Cory Norton

This is one of the best run organizations I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with. There are too many people to name that make Hero Hunt possible, thanks to these people this organization provides endless opportunities for disabled veterans such as myself to attend, enjoy and build camaraderie through shared events and careers. I think as time has gone on we as a society have forgotten those that suffer quietly from the wounds obtained through countless deployments and years of war.  This Moscow hunt was first rate!! From the time you arrive Jimmie and all of the volunteers make you feel like family, you’re welcomed into a beautiful home and told that the house is yours for the weekend and anything you need or want just ask.   The property is absolutely beautiful and full of deer and turkey. If you ever have the opportunity to attend any Hero Hunt event I strongly recommend you jump at the opportunity. I want to personally say thank you to Jeff and all those that volunteered to make that weekend extremely special for all those that attended.

-Zachary Connerty

While serving in the United States Marine Corps, I had the opportunity to travel the world which exposed me to different cultures. Many of them living in more primitive ways, which was something that intrigued me. Something that stood out to me was the happiness these individuals portrayed, even when I considered their situation to be rudimentary. The simplicity of living with what their environment provided fulfilled their lives. It wasn’t until I became an avid outdoorsman that I finally understood the peace that nature and being outdoors could bring.


I can tell you, from firsthand experience, that this is what Hero Hunt Inc provides for us Veterans and First Responders. The opportunity to experience the happiness and peace that only nature can provide. As it is the case for many of us, due to the circumstances we have faced, connecting with anything, let along with nature, was not something I could fathom would bring such peace and relief.  Hero Hunt Inc ignited a fire in me. It gave me the motivation to get off the couch, to study, plan, and execute in a way I had long forgotten. A chance to chase the thrill of excitement that is experienced during a hunt or fishing, while at the same time allowing me time to reflect on what was and what now is. I can honestly tell you that I get more, that I have gotten more, from a day of sitting in the woods than I do sitting in a Dr’s. office. 


This organization saved me, from me, in a way, I would have never imagined. Hero Hunt Inc gave me a sense of purpose I had lost while allowing me the opportunity to continue serving my country, just in a different way. By offering me the chance to be an Ambassador, they inadvertently gave me a reason to step out of my comfort zone and reintegrate myself within the civilian community to spread awareness of our mission. And that is part of my story. I say this with a specific purpose, as a way for you to understand the depth of gratitude I have come to have for this organization and to showcase the potential you have to make a difference to impact the lives of other Veterans and First Responders.

-Dustin Hughes

"Where do I start... I experienced life-changing events in the Army and some good times. The brotherhood you form in the military is second to none. After I relinquished my job in the military I was lost. I never truly had a plan because I didn't know how to continue living. I sought help from the VA and they gave me multitudes of medications but it never truly helped me. After a few years, I found Hero Hunt and connected with them. The brotherhood was there, the support was there. It's what I was missing and needed. There is always someone to help within the organization for a listening ear. There is support to be successful in your outdoor adventures. I think the biggest part of all of it is that it's military, police, and firefighters in the organization who have healed in ways that a doctor couldn't help with. That's why I love this organization with everything."

-Brad Marbach

"Hero Hunt has helped me develop a new network of friendships and people I can rely on."

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